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32+ Years Experience!
  • More than thirty-two years engaged solely in the stripping, cleaning, re-coloring, and sealing of tile, grout, and natural stone.
Service Guarantee Document
100% Guarantee
  • All work is fully guaranteed and no money is asked for until the job is complete.
Trained Employees
  • We use only permanent employees, each is trained in the proper application technique for every product used. More importantly, each crew leader is trained and experienced in the selection of the appropriate product and method to be used in each individualized situation.
Material Testing
  • All materials used by Seal Systems are tested for a minimum of six months before they are used on a customer’s floor.
Quality Products
  • Seal Systems is committed to using only the highest quality products and methods in your home or commercial property.

Seal Systems - Serving Northern California

Seal Systems cleans and seals tile grout and stone. We re-color grout and give a lifetime guarantee. We replace and repair tiles and repair grout and re-grout damaged areas. We strip and resurface Saltillo tile and Mexican Pavers. We can color stain any porous tile or concrete. We enhance and restore natural stone.

Our goal here is to help you enhance the appearance and value of your home or business. All of our work is fully guaranteed. Our more than 30 years in the business of cleaning, sealing, re-coloring and stripping tile, grout, stone and Saltillo tile and Mexican pavers back up our guarantee.

Our service area includes the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville/Rocklin, Folsom/El Dorado Hills, West Sacramento to Davis, and all of Sutter and Butte Counties, including Yuba City and Chico. We offer free in home estimates where we will talk with you about your goals for your project and then provide you with a sample of our work, on your surface, so you wont have to wonder what to expect, you will see for yourself just how your particular project will turn out.

  • Grout Cleaning
  • Grout Sealing
  • Grout re-coloring
  • Mexican Pavers
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Natural Stone
  • Regrouting
  • Repairs
  • Concrete Staining
  • Quaility Work

Seal Systems has been cleaning grout since 1981. During that time we have seen every type of grout cleaning machine that has been available; grout steam cleaning machines, rotary brush machines, reel type machines. We have come to a very simple conclusion; there is no machine that does ad good of a job, and as safe of a job as our hand cleaning methods. By hand cleaning we are able to ensure that all areas of the grout come as clean as possible, while making sure that we are doing no harm or damage to surrounding areas like cabinets, baseboards, appliances, etc.

Grout steam cleaning devices have become popular in recent years, as carpet cleaners buy an attachment for their machines or a stand-alone machine. Steam cleaning grout is terribly damaging. To be able to get the grout “clean” enough the pressure must be turned up very high. When the pressure is turned high the grout is “cleaned” by blasting off the top layer. This top layer is the hardest part of the grout and when it is removed the grout is left with open pores and the softer, more absorbent inside exposed. Once this harder, top layer of grout is gone you will find your grout gets dirty again very quickly, sometimes within just a few months. This high pressure steaming can also cause the grout to blow the grout completely out of the grout joint when just the smallest of cracks or weakened mechanical bond exists. These machines cannot get close enough to the baseboards, cabinetry, doors, other floor surfaces, etc. to properly clean each joint. If they dare do get close enough they run the very serious risk of damaging these surfaces.

Our hand cleaning methods ensure that your grout will not be damaged and will look beautiful for years to come.

Grout Sealing helps to resist stains and dis-coloring. Grout sealing helps with the ease of grout cleaning. Grout Sealing retains the grout’s original color. All new grout should be sealed, and existing grout will need to be cleaned and re-sealed periodically as ongoing maintenance.

Seal Systems uses the very best sealer available on the market. The sealer is an invisible, sub-surface sealer that will not change the look of your original grout. It’s matte finish cures to form a stain resistant seal to both water and oil based contaminates. We use the very best sealer available on the market today. It is rated as a 15-year sealer.

Grout Re-coloring will restore your old, dirty and stained grout back to brand new condition. Your grout will once again have an even and uniform color and appearance, just like it was the day it was put in. Seal Systems offers a lifetime guarantee on all grout that we have re-colored. This means that we guarantee that your grout colorant will not discolor, stain, peel, crack, or wear off. And if something does happen to it – we will come back and fix it fro free! Grout that has been re-colored is actually better than new!

We built our business on stripping and resealing Mexican Pavers. Seal Systems is the nations leading expert regarding the sealing, refinishing, color staining, and care of Mexican Pavers.

We do all Mexican Paver work by hand. Mexican Pavers are a very soft, porous tile. Anything more than a soft bristled brush will remove the delicate outer crust of the paver. This outer crust is the hardest part of the tile and it serves as a natural protectant against gouging, scratching and staining. For this reason machines should never, under any circumstances, be used on a Mexican paver floor.

Seal Systems has an incredibly strong solvent/chemical stripper made to our specifications. Using this stripper, and our hand stripping techniques, we are able to remove all of the old sealer, and restore the paver back down to bare tile. We then are able to apply a minimum of 5 coats of new sealer and top coat to bring your floor back to looking as good as it did when it was brand new.

Other Mexican Paver services include deep cleaning and resurfacing.

Saltillo tile or Mexican pavers are by the far most popular of all the Mexican tiles. Saltillo pavers are a porous, unglazed tile that must be protected with an excellent sealer. Seal systems can strip and reseal Saltillo pavers and deep clean and reseal Saltillo tile. Saltillos can also be color stained, using our authentic hand applied method, resulting in a very beautiful, and unique look.

Saltillo tile needs to be sealed immediately after installation, preferably before grouting. We will come in and seal your new Saltillo pavers with 3 coats of clean coating sealer. The tile installers may return after 24 hours to grout the floor. After an additional 24 hours we will return and apply 2 more coats of a shiny, hard topcoat sealer.

Annual and Bi-annual maintenance service is also available to keep your Saltillo tile looking beautiful.

Natural stone can be sealed with several types of sealer. After speaking with you about the type of stone you have and the look you are going for, Seal Systems can recommend an appropriate sealer for your project. The most popular stone sealer is a stone enhancer. This will deepen the color and natural beauty of your stone, richening its appearance, without a coating or a “wet look”. We can also apply a wet look coating sealer, or a clear, matte, invisible sealer that will not change the look of your stone.

Sealing should be done on newly installed natural stone of all types. Travertine, marble, limestone, slate, granite, quartzite and sandstone.

Seal Systems can also breathe new life into older stone. With a deep cleaning and stone enhancer your old weathered stone can look as good as new!

We will remove all of the old grout and replace it with brand new grout. This is a very cost effective upgrade when your tile is still in good shape, but the grout has seen better days, or has come out in various locations.

Seal Systems replaces broken and cracked tiles. We will make your repair seamless with the existing tile.

We can transform your plain, ugly concrete with our hand staining methods. Get the look of expensive colored concrete, for a fraction of the price. We will finish it off with a great coating sealer to protect it and give it some beautiful luster.

Is your colored concrete faded and blotchy? We can fix that too! We will make it look even better than it did when it was brand new.


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